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Transhumanism’s Eugenics Authoritarianism – National Review Online (blog)

Transhumanism’s Eugenics Authoritarianism
National Review Online (blog)
The transhumanist age — where radical science and technology will revolutionise the human being and experience — will eventually bring us indefinite lifespans, cyborgization, cloning, and even ectogenesis, where people use artificial wombs outside of

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Atheist Richard Darkins’ Controversial Claim About What ‘Nice Christians’ and … –
Famed evolutionary biologist and atheist leader Richard Dawkins reportedly said this week that “nice Christians” and “nice Muslims” might actually be making the “world safe for extremists.” While speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in
Richard Dawkins remembers time when he would ‘pray vigorously’ but God ChristianToday
Richard Dawkins doesn’t get it: religion is (blog)

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Roger Scruton’s quotes on nonsense: Richard Dawkins, Original sin, Islamism … – The Guardian

The Guardian
Richard Dawkins and his followers have recycled the theory of evolution not as a biological theory but as a theory of everything – of what the human being is, what human communities are, what our problems are and how they’re not really our problems

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